Wednesday, October 1, 2014


so a while back I applied for
Leadership Lake Houston.

It is a program put together by the 
Lake Houston Area Chamber.

we are all in a leadership role in our jobs or the community and once a month for 9 months,
we study some aspect of the area.

education, health, public service, etc.


None of us really knew each other, so in order for us to "bond",
they shipped us off to camp for a couple days.

this is our group.

we did a lot of team building exercises and ya know,
building helicopters, walking across chocolate lava, and playing name games.

and like any good leader...
we work hard, play harder.

we may or may not have stayed up until 2am drinking wine & playing Uno.


7am came quick and it was our 
ropes course day.

all in all it was a really good time.
I realized that it is actually a lot of fun being thrown into groups where 
nobody knows each other.

There is no history, no assumptions, we just are who we are... and that is so refreshing!


so next time someone offers a chance to go to camp with 24 "strangers", take it!

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