Wednesday, October 29, 2014

celebrating life.

there is so much crazy in the world,
so much stress and disappointment,
that I think it is SO necessary to celebrate life and all the wonderful things about it.

thankfully my friends agree,
and we spent this weekend celebrating life!


Blair turned 26, and of course she did it with such style and grace.

she rented out our own private dining area at
Tiny Boxwoods 
(if you have not been here, it is a must)

and that is how you do a cute dinner party.
it was so perfect!


Sunday we got to celebrate the excitement of 
Chelsey's Baby Shower for sweet Lucy.

I am SO excited to finally have a friend that is pregnant.
this is going to be such a fun, precious stage in our friend group & I can't wait to watch Chels be the sweetest mommy ever! 


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