Thursday, October 23, 2014



this past weekend, my mom and I headed to Pittsburgh for the 

we ended up flying in a day earlier bc of airfare rates.
we spent the extra day walking around, shopping at some local boutiques, and catching some football games.

I wish you could truly see how awesome fall leaves are lol
the pictures don't do much justice.

fun fact: Vin Diesel is filming movie in Pittsburgh (so is Will Smith) and we sat next to a bunch of the film crew/production/stunt men at our hotel. They've been there for a few months... and when one of them told me he was friends with Zach Galifianakis the night before, I thought he just had too much whiskey... but little did I know lol 


Monday was GAME DAY!!!

we went to the Texans meet up before

they do a "pump you up" video before the team runs out,
they just so happened to have one of my very favorite quotes playing in the back of the video. it made my night! I felt like it was just for me. 
Dr. Brene Brown Quotes on Shame, Vulnerability and Daring Greatly - @Helen George #supersoulsunday

so so so fun!

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