Tuesday, January 27, 2015

san antonio.

I was excited to get away this weekend.

it is always refreshing to live in someone else's city for a weekend,
and it makes coming home special too!


J and I headed to San Antonio Friday.

We met Kimber, Andrew, and baby MK for lunch on the way.

she has to be the happiest baby ever!
I met her when she was 4 days old and have yet to hear her cry.

that night we went to Lakers/Spurs game with Kendrick. 

funny story... we went to Pat O's and noticed that everyone had backpacks, then lanyards,
and then things got weird when a lot of the people there had on light up devil horns...

it took us a few minutes to realize there was an online gaming convention, so the riverwalk was lined with gamers, and Pat O's was hosting a happy hour for the gamers.

we were the oddballs.
 it was pretty funny to feel THAT out of the loop.


Saturday morning was serious.

y'all, I have been dyingggg to eat at this place since I saw it on 
Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives, 5 years ago.

two different times I came through San Antonio and wasn't down for the hour and a half wait...

but now, they have an app that tracks where you are.
if you are within 10-15miles, you can get put on the list!

we "jumped" in line when the wait time was 55-60min.
we sat around and then got ready, since we were only 4miles out.

but then they text us that the table was ready...
and that 4 miles was 11 minutes away!!

talk about a mad panic rush.

luckily, they are totally nice and let us get the next table that was available.

so sad that food brought this much joy lol


Jackie had never been to the Alamo lol
so we made sure and get that tourist stop in! 


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