Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend!

I'm baaaaaack!
Goodness, I have been ALL over, here lately:
2 nights in the Hill Country, 1 night in New Braunfels, 6 nights in Cancun, 3 nights Housesitting/Dog Sitting, & then I'm moving into my apartment in between all that.
yeah I started paying rent July 1st and have yet to actually sleep there...
but all the fun has been, well. uh. FUN and I am glad to be getting back into a routine!
coming up really soon is someone very specials BIG DAY...
and a month later another someone specials BIG DAY.
 photo IMG_5700_zps077629ae.jpg
and they are in each others wedding party, so we had a nice little

(picture overload starts now.)

 photo IMG_5715_zps6e1642e6.jpg
 We started the weekend off by getting up Friday morning and getting on a nice little bus that took us to four wineries.
We had wine tastings, road beers, lunch on the patio, and lots of fun!
 photo IMG_5706_zps310b5c14.jpg  photo IMG_5707_zps170a5f0a.jpg

LOVE this girl.
 photo IMG_5698_zpsc609c1cd.jpg
 photo IMG_5693_zpsc255fb81.jpg  photo IMG_5692_zpsaf4f7a5c.jpg
 photo IMG_5702_zps7dd75535.jpg

 photo IMG_5705_zps89326590.jpg
 photo IMG_5709_zps3ff2a22a.jpg


Saturday we got up and headed out to the river!
 photo IMG_5739_zps51d40de0.jpg  photo IMG_5744_zpsc2815941.jpg

floating the river is def in my top 5 favorite things to do.
New Braunfels is also my favorite place in Texas.
something about it, I just LOVE it.
 photo IMG_5773_zpsf66984f3.jpg
 photo IMG_5812_zps04085f69.jpg

I obviously had a life proof case on my phone for all these pictures.
but I did drop it TWICE in the river... luckily I have crazy awesome friends who found it both times...

but then they made me throw it in the cooler for the rest of the float.
probably need to get my phone a little life jacket.
 photo IMG_5810_zps14a48caa.jpg
 photo IMG_5784_zps105c9c00.jpg  photo IMG_5785_zps06ae1a14.jpg

the brides
 photo IMG_5767_zps4481174a.jpg
 photo IMG_5736_zps4c7accad.jpg

 photo IMG_5813_zps06ec0573.jpg

 photo IMG_5817_zps8ee039d4.jpg
after floating all day, we hit up some tex-mex for dinner & headed to a chill little bar.
 photo IMG_5791_zps69892604.jpg  photo IMG_5795_zps6d42297e.jpg
Sunday we all headed out & I grabbed some dippin' dots for breakfast...
bc it sounded really good & I hear breakfast is the most important meal.
just trying to be healthy.
 photo IMG_5808_zpsf5feca7a.jpg

overall it was a really fun trip and now the countdown begins for the BIG DAY...
25 DAYS!

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