Friday, July 12, 2013


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I was so lucky to get to go to Cancun last week.
No cell  phones, no internet (went to the business center 2X a day to check on the store though!), no people in a hurry, no one in a bad mood.
Just the sand, the sun, drinks, good company... and iguanas.
but they stayed far enough away lol
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and this is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexico (I'm not partial to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, etc. they all feel the same & I love them equally):
1. Drinks.
It is perfectly acceptable to drink at any time of the day in Mexico. Not that I do have beer at 10am often, but if I want to, it is okay!  You can also drink out of coconuts!
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2. You can go on fun excursions.
( and look like a complete dork in doing so)
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Our speed boat/snorkeling trip was really cool.
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3. You can drink "Cristal" and be Mona Lisa.
oh you fancy, huh?!
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4. Swimming with Dolphins:
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I didn't feel like splurging on the professional pics, sort of regret it now
bc I was smiling so BIG like a little kid. Best hour ever. DO IT!
We got to feed them, kiss them, swim with them, and they even pushed us up out of the water. loved it.
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5. The local bars are so fun!
(and everyone is there to have fun)
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6. You live in Bathing Suits
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My 4th of July bathing suit
(from Old Navy, stolen from Emily)
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7. Tequila "Tastings" and Sombreros!
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8. Mariachi Bands play the Chicken Dance... at dinner.
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9. Your dad (who does not drink) wins a bottle of Tequila at Bingo
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10. It is just SO BEAUTIFUL!
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I don't think I will ever get tired of going to Mexico.

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