Wednesday, July 16, 2014

eating a lot.

I am getting to see all my favorite girls this weekend and we get to relax and just chill for a couple of days.

I am excited thinking about it, but when I was looking through my pictures from last week, it looks like I have been doing a lot of chilling/friend fun lately.

so basically, I am getting a vacation from my vacation.


Mary & I ate the most delicious salads ever @ Tommy Bahamas.
(mine is the crab/avocado/tomato) 


Jessica's sweet friend Fayth was in town from LA, we grabbed wine & snocones


my dear Krizia came to PLT for a visit.
-how was 1st grade 20 years ago?-


Saturday we went to Batanga for J's birthday!

it was so delicious and a really cute patio, I def recommend it! 

plan to stay for a while bc it is tapas style,
we ordered 6 different things, which made me really happy! lol 


and I leave you with a recipe
(stolen from my friend, Sotelo)

I like to call it:

Ranch Dip on Steroids
Because You Needed More Calories 

-Sour cream
-Ranch Dip Packet
-A handful of bacon bits
-A couple of handfuls of cheese
throw some chives on top,
& eat with chips.


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