Sunday, June 24, 2012

that time I almost met a celebrity

Happy Monday!
I have such a full day today, so I blogged this last night : ]
but I hope everyone has an awesome week.


So usually I am not a shy person, I feel pretty comfortable talking to just about anyone... except I get beyond star struck! ... and then hate myself for it for the rest of my life!

example #1- I was at a Lifehouse concert once and they were the opening band.  We left after Lifehouse played & as we were leaving ... Jason Wade walked an inch from me and what do I do? nothing. stand there speechless.  
A pic of Jason Wade, the lead singer of lifehouse - via Bing Images

and I still beat myself up for it.

example #2- so of course Friday night while I am walking through the hotel in Dallas, I notice a pretty cute guy... and I do a double take and it is CURTIS STONE! but of course, I just kept walking by & didn't even say "Hey what up?!" or "Hey my friend Blair is available next Friday night if you are"... I say nothing! 
Curtis Stone

The story gets worse... I saw him again the VERY NEXT DAY @ market. He was doing a cooking demo and a book signing.  I didn't buy a book or talk to him...but I do have proof that I saw him:

and if anyone asks... I totally met Curtis Stone and he invited me to his suite at the hotel where he cooked for my mom, me, his gf, and precious baby : ] 
and it was lovely.

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  1. Hahahaha, that picture is hilarious!! I love that you have proof now!

    1. Yes, at least if I am too scared to talk, y'all know I am not making it up!

  2. Jason Wade is secretly my hubby, he just doesn't know it yet. :D Lol! He is gorgeous, I've been a fan of Lifehouse since day 1 and meeting them (or even seeing them live - which is close to impossible here in Germany) would be a dream come true. :)

    I love the last picture, hehe! :)