Monday, June 11, 2012


Oh goodness Monday is here already! My scale & debit card are probably glad though.  Is it just me or do you eat more and spend more on the weekends?!           I do!

This past weekend was lots of fun, but I did it again... I crammed that thing FULL! but it was well worth it.


Friday I had the day off, this was crazy awesome bc Aaron is also off most Fridays (he has four 12-14 hour days during the week), so needless to say I was excited to spend time with him.

We slept in & then decided to go on a little walk/jog on this new little 5 mile trail.  Aaron decides to pull into CVS first & tell me we are taking our passport pics for our CHL license... uh. 

This would be the result of surprise pictures:

but I say joke is on Aaron bc he looks like he just took a mug shot.  So do I, but at least I smiled : ] 

Friday night I had Dinner Club @ Niko Niko's, yum! 

After that we headed up to the Fairgrounds to see some of my friends & then went to a pretty shady bar... fun times though.


Saturday we took full advantage of the sunshine & swimming pool. We ate, we swam, we drank, we had popsicles, and took naps outside... loved it! and I got to wear my $24 bikini


That night we went out for dinner & then headed out to the Crosby Fair & Rodeo 
(I didn't take any pictures there bc I looked so sweaty) 

 I saw all my lovely friends and a million girls dressed like hoochie mommas! omg I am either getting real old, or it is suddenly cool to wear 8 layers of makeup & no clothes.

but that is a topic for another day!


Sunday Aaron & I went out for breakfast. and then to church!

Aaron's grandparents are in town from Oregon, so we hung out at my in-laws Sunday night!
Have I ever told y'all how amazing my in-laws are?! I seriously got pretty dang lucky!

What a weekend! Now back to another crazy/fun week.  

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  1. amazing photos :)
    your blog is awesome!!