Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June!

Dear New Followers, Welcome! I can't wait to read all the awesome things going on at all your blogs. Dear Short Hair, I love you 90% of the time, except when a messy bun is necessary, then you don't really work out in my favor.  Dear June, where the heck did you come from?! Dear spin class instructor, how come I skipped 3 weeks and then when I come back, you are gone?! Maybe next week everything will align.  Dear sleep, why have you been so crazy lately, usually you are the one thing I can count on in life! Dear Texas, you are my favorite state, but you are so dang hot lately! Dear husband, I know you will miss me this weekend, feel free to clean the house-or just play video games... lol Dear Dallas, I am coming for you, please be good to me! 


So Dallas is this weekend! Going to market to look at some amazing clothes for my first round of inventory.

I am opening a boutique (in case you didn't know) called, Pretty Little Things.
I will do a recap of Dallas and another post on where the boutique stands, but for now here are some details:

-It is in Kings Harbor! A super cute eating and shopping area on the lake.

-Everyone always asks what I am going to sell. If you have ever been to a boutique you probably think this is a silly question bc you can sell whatever you want that is beautiful lol
but it will be mostly clothes, with of course jewelry, shoes, & gifts!

-I will be open by August 1st!

-It will have a girly/vintage feel

-You can follow us on Instagram 

-Like us on Facebook

I will be back Monday with a recap!
Y'all all have a wonderful weekend 


  1. Cute letters girl! I saw you over on ashleys page {newlyweds} & wanted to say hi!

    newest bloggy friend <3
    say hi back sometime?!


    1. Hey!

      Thank you! I was just checking out your blog last night, saw you on Ashley's blog also!
      Enjoy your weekend!

  2. When sleep is elusive, I am a terror. So sorry you're dealing with that right now. I hope you have a great productive trip to Dallas though.