Wednesday, September 4, 2013


long time, no blog.

holiday weekends throw me off so bad.
I love that the week is flying by though, fun weekend ahead!


a few weekends ago I finally got back into running 
(sort of).

I have a BIG run in October & I hadn't run in months and months.
(it is too hot in Texas).

 photo IMG_7328_zpsf65b7174.jpg  photo IMG_7329_zps94f20769.jpg

they do the Lake Houston 5k/10k every year and it starts in Kings Harbor, right by my store/apartment. so there was NO skipping this one.

it wasn't too too bad.
besides the getting up at 5:45am, the hotness, and the whole running thing. lol 

 photo IMG_7331_zps46c6f78a.jpg  photo IMG_7332_zps621db7e1.jpg

I am pretty much out of shape and so it took me way too long, but I did it!

and every run (good or bad) deserves a treat!
we had the BEST frozen mimosas.

 photo IMG_7330_zps2fefef70.png  photo IMG_7336_zps1cbb87ab.jpg

and why not take silly pictures with Peyton?! he is way too cute. 

 photo IMG_7337_zps278345a6.jpg  photo IMG_7338_zps2572ebd8.jpg  photo IMG_7340_zpse3c997fc.jpg  photo IMG_7341_zps5e527b98.jpg


hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend,
mine was pretty chill.

I painted my nails while studying for fantasy football... makes sense?!

 photo IMG_7374_zpsc63c5e4b.jpg

my little sister had her  HIGH SCHOOL volleyball game.
BIG deal!

 photo IMG_7454_zps0a89fe0d.jpg

We had our fantasy draft party & I grabbed a beer at the 'Stros game.

 photo IMG_7452_zpsdd7aabc1.jpg  photo IMG_7475_zps21b31a30.jpg

and I may have deserved a mimosa or two:

(is it bad if this is the 2nd appearance of the mimosa in a single blog post?!)
 photo IMG_7487_zps4fdc409d.jpg

Monday I got a lot done, but made sure and got some pool time in.
as ready as I am for fall, I will miss pool days more than anything!

 photo IMG_7510_zps12fc0e89.jpg

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