Wednesday, August 28, 2013

vegasss market.

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I was in the wonderful world of LAS VEGAS last week!

I go twice a year for "Magic", the largest wholesale market. 
I honestly cannot think of a better city for market to be. If I am going to travel somewhere multiple times, I love that I will never have done everything there is to do in Vegas.
ps. I am ALWAYS open to anyone/everyone joining us.
If you need an excuse to visit Vegas, call me.

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We got there Monday morning (yes... after the lil wayne concert. I felt not good lol)
we got a lot of shopping done, but since market closes at 6pm, there was still plenty of fun time left in the day.

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we enjoyed a yummy dinner & drinks while we waited for Mary to get into Vegas
later that night.

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and honestly I have never gotten just crrrraaaaazzzzyyy in Vegas.
Dinner & a show is usually how I like to end the 12+ hours of walking around.


Tuesday we got even more shopping done & it was a lot of fun to have two more ladies with us to bounce ideas off of. 

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after quite a bit of shopping, we headed out to do some sightseeing.

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Vegas is SO alive. I love that everyone there is visiting, it makes it more fun, like you aren't "intruding" on someone's city, you are just joining their party.

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we probably walked a good 8 miles that day... no exaggeration! 

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Wednesday... yep, we went shopping some more.

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market is SO fun, but y'all... it is EXHAUSTING.
walking for hours and hours!

ladies you know how tired you are after a long day of shopping...
so by day 3, we were done!

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we headed back to MGM Grand and made the best of our last day:
 lunch, pool time, & massages. 

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we stayed in the hotel the whole rest of the evening and went to
Brad Garrett's Comedy Club 

(where I might have gotten into a verbal altercation with a few snobby girls in the restroom...
we can't ALL be classy ALL of the time.) Sorry I'm not horribly sorry. 

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^ nice photo bomb in between our faces! ^

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All in all, it was such a fun couple day trip!
I am so glad my mom and I had these fun ladies to join us. 

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until next time...


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