Friday, August 23, 2013

PLT turns 1.

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oh. the difference a year makes.

sometimes it feels like I have been at PLT forever and I can't remember life without it, other times I feel like we were just running around frantically trying to figure this thing out, hoping & praying we could do it...

and then a year passed! 

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and this is yet another post that I cannot put into words how
grateful, excited, dedicated, in love, crazy, worried, anxious, silly, and just plain happy this store has made me. 

It is my life, my other half, my heart and I cannot believe it is really real.

If there weren't enough emotions around our first birthday, it was also tax free weekend & two of my awesome employees last weekends to work before college!

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we jumped into the work week, getting out as many clothes as possible, setting out snacks & wine, and just enjoying all the love. 

it was such a busy, fun weekend and I couldn't have brought the first year to an end any better!

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as much work and worry the store has cost me, I am definitely not under the idea that it has been in my hands or successful because of me.

I actually feel the complete opposite. 

If, for one, God hadn't had his hand in this, there would be nothing to celebrate. I am so very blessed and never take his grace for granted.

I wanted everyone in my life who has prayed with me, been a friend to me, helped with the store, talked me through ideas, & even been a customer to know how much I appreciated them.

I had a little get together with some of my favorites to just celebrate, relax, and let them know I love them oh so much!

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I rented out the patio @ Puerto Taco & Cervezas.

They have the BEST patio!

We also had this awesome musician Austin play.
(he is amazing. for real.)

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couldn't do anything without this lady:
she is Wonder Woman, my sidekick, the organizer, the detail person, my biggest fan, and all that good stuff! 

she listens to me whine and complain and act ridiculous... and still wants to hang out with me?! lol

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we had SUCH a good time just hanging out!
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my girls:
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love them! they have been so much help, make me laugh, &  keep me young.
without them I wouldn't know about the Miley Cyrus video and important things like that :) 

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so here is to another year...and another, and as many birthdays as we have!

love all my friends and family so very much. 

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  1. they do have the best patio and their food is so yummy!!!