Wednesday, August 14, 2013


this. is. my. 200th. blog. post! 

(I felt like I was supposed to celebrate that, or be excited...)

I have SO much to catch up on from this insane summer I have had.
in between work, my best friend getting married, vacations, PLT turning 1, and all that fun stuff... I haven't blogged.

So before I get to the good stuff, here is just a little catching up and me realizing what an artist I am.

It seems this summer I have taken up the arts.
all different styles.

oh you fancy, huh?


Here we are as a painting artists:
 photo IMG_6470_zps73f5fdd4.jpg
 photo IMG_6468_zps40a99678.jpg  photo IMG_6474_zps14a86044.jpg
We had so much fun celebrating Holly's 25th @ Painting with a Twist!
If you have not been, I def recommend it at least once or so a year.
We had wine, bday treats, & they were jamming some super fun music!
 photo IMG_6475_zpsf020bd8c.jpg
Afterwards, we celebrated the art of drinking beer with some more friends:
 photo IMG_6481_zpsaefb7a1d.jpg
I cannot even believe we are all turning 25!
I always looked at 25 as a legit grown up... now that it is coming up... I don't want to be a "
 "grown up".
 photo IMG_6480_zpsc2b994ec.jpg
I celebrated the musical art of Matchbox 20 with my little brother...
he is too young to like Matchbox, but for some reason he was born the same year they came out & he still loves them! which is totally cool with me bc we had a BLAST at the show.
 photo IMG_6546_zpsb6c09fac.jpg
My aunt (who is a jazz artist) came in town to visit!
I got to show her the boutique:
 photo IMG_6426_zps80133eb8.jpg
I painted some more art
(yes, that is the Steelers logo on a plate, it will be my game day plate!)
 photo IMG_6721_zpsc89b7d87.jpg
I had a good time taking the girls that work for me to Mudpie in Kingwood to paint stuff.
I want to go once a week, but I don't need hand painted items all over my apartment.
but seriously it is so stress relieving to go and paint things like a 5 year old!
try it.
I also enjoyed the theatre arts & saw Wicked last week:
 photo IMG_6726_zps9667705f.jpg  photo IMG_6732_zps45f5e2ed.jpg
it was a fun show & the first show I had seen that I didn't know the plot, so that was interesting.
and I will just leave ya with my artsy glam shots:
 photo IMG_6790_zps98174e2e.jpg
I am just so cultured...

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