Thursday, August 15, 2013

my best friend's wedding.

If you know me well at all, you know two very important things:
1. Holly has been my best friend since 3rd grade.
2. My favorite movie is My Best Friend's Wedding.
so needless to say Holly getting married was a BIG thing for me for less than obvious reasons lol
I don't feel like a blog post could do enough justice for our friendship, my happiness for Holly, what a perfect fit Trevor is for her, & what a fun time we had at the wedding.
 so no pressure.
side note: the wedding was out of town in Bryan/College Station. It was out of town for both sides of the family & let me just say that was a brilliant idea! everyone that came, came to have fun, to get away! If you are planning a wedding & out of town seems inconvenient, etc. I  assure you it is something you should think about...!
I got to Bryan Thursday -the venue was set up & already beautiful!
Friday we had church prep, nail appointments, and rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.
 photo IMG_6616_zps177fcc9f.jpg
We behaved that night, only going crazy on the chicken fried steak,
we knew Saturday we would not want to feel like crap!
 photo IMG_6612_zps8e0931f4.jpg
 photo IMG_6618_zps5bdc10e8.jpg
Saturday was the BIG DAYYYYY!
We hit up Starbucks for some caffeine... except caffeine makes me jittery & I knew I would already be anxious/excited/nervous. So I stuck with a passion tea lemonade lol!
 photo IMG_6622_zps77c9f402.jpg
We got to the salon for mimosas, makeup, & hair appointments!
It was such a chill time getting ready, loved it.
 photo IMG_6623_zps207ec54f.jpg
the transition of me & Jess getting ready:
1. no makeup 2. hair & makeup done 3. dressed & ready for a wedding
 photo IMG_6621_zps02000494.jpg  photo IMG_6626_zpsfde97256.jpg  photo IMG_6634_zps248f2853.jpg
Holly was by far the most beautiful bride ever-
She looked flawless!
 photo IMG_6635_zps361cef24.jpg
So after we all got dressed, we had some nervous energy we decided to get out with some selfies:
 photo IMG_6637_zps5f45cfcc.jpg
 photo IMG_6640_zpsde864ed6.jpg
 photo IMG_6698_zpsf00749db.jpg
I obviously didn't get any shots during the ceremony time, but it went perfectly!
nobody passed out/tripped & Julie didn't have her baby girl during the ceremony
(she is in labor right now though lol)
It was such a special moment and I caught myself cheesin and holding back the happy tears many times!
after the ceremony we headed to the Brazos Cotton Exchange for the reception.
it was the most perfect venue for Holly and Trevor and downtown Bryan is so cute!
 photo IMG_6645_zps41ff164d.jpg
it then became party time:
 photo IMG_6649_zps121f8b09.jpg  photo IMG_6651_zps9a8c1d16.jpg  photo IMG_6646_zpseff6a614.jpg  photo IMG_6656_zpsd1e14a5c.jpg
 photo IMG_6700_zpsd485679b.jpg
it was a blast to hang out with so many of our close friends!
 photo IMG_6662_zps2576d56e.jpg  photo IMG_6667_zps3e97e462.jpg
uh oh... these 2 girls were reppin' PLT!
(don't ask boys to take pictures)
 photo IMG_6673_zpsdcd5647e.jpg  photo IMG_6677_zps6bd6018f.jpg
 photo IMG_6679_zps066e9bb4.jpg
 photo IMG_6705_zps5b539c46.jpg
 photo IMG_6687_zps894d2c6f.jpg
seriously one of the most fun nights of my life:
there was dancing, rapping, eating fajitas, lots of beer drinking, silly speeches, laughing, picture taking, celebrating... but most of all it was just so much happy!
I remember looking at Holly and saying
"can you believe this is it?! like we are HERE now! and in the morning it will all be over"
we had been planning and being excited for so long  we hated for the night to end!
 photo IMG_6666_zps6d2f906c.jpg
... and so the night didn't end for some of us lol
we took the party to the hotel parking lot/lobby.
why not?!
and then Liana had another brilliant idea of
before & after pictures...
do it!
Before the wedding/After the wedding:
 photo IMG_6704_zps49eab9b4.jpg
oh yes.
a good time was had by ALL & I know Holly was proud lol
 photo IMG_6707_zps5dd395b6.jpg
I still cannot believe it is over.
I have had a "happy hangover" for a couple of weeks.
 more importantly we had fun for that one night, but Holly and Trevor have so so so much exciting and happiness ahead & I cannot wait to see it all!
love youuuuuu!
 photo IMG_6699_zps2ce0c207.jpg
ps. I will blog the professional wedding pics when we get them!
I know the iphone pics don't do much justice either :)


  1. That was beautiful! It looks like it was a blast. Miss your face.