Wednesday, September 11, 2013


So Holly gets a couple out of town clients for work throughout the year.
She was supposed to be headed to LA, but it got switched to another client in Pittsburgh.
I was already planning to visit her (fun girl's trip) and when it got changed...
 I was actually more excited lol!

(My parents travel to Pitt about once a year for work. Being an only child, I would join them & grew to love the city.  I am not really sure why, but not having a Houston football team made me latch onto the city even more by becoming a Pittsburgh Steelers fan!)


I flew in Friday night & Saturday we woke up and did a 5k!
It was a 9/11 Memorial Run, so that was pretty awesome to be a part of, they had them in cities all around the country, all starting at the same time.

 photo IMG_7578_zps61860c36.jpg  photo IMG_7580_zps9f5f7664.png

The run started RIGHT by Heinz Field & we ran past PNC Park and right along the river. Definitely the prettiest run ever.
but not mine lol 

After the run we visited The Church Brew Works for our well deserved beers.

 photo IMG_7585_zpsaba50f8b.jpg  photo IMG_7586_zpsfcd6b180.jpg

They took an old church and renovated it and turned it into a brewery.  We couldn't decide if it was appropriate, but nevertheless they had great beer and pizza!

It was really pretty cool & we even sat in some of the original church pews.

 photo IMG_7587_zps839957a3.jpg  photo IMG_7589_zpsd7e7882c.jpg

After that we checked into our hotel closer to the stadium, did a little shopping, and started our bar hopping!

 photo IMG_7592_zps0b729f6d.jpg  photo IMG_7594_zps6c2fcbd3.jpg

We ended up on East Carson Street, which is pretty much the 6th Street of Pitt.

Lots of cute patios and the weather was a perfect 75!

 photo IMG_7607_zpsdb449a90.jpg  photo IMG_7609_zps49965758.jpg

and wouldn't you know we found a "Rowdy Buck" bar.

Surprisingly it was a lot like good ol' Rowdy Bucks of Crosby... you can take the girl out of the country, but ya can't take the country out of the girl... lol 

 photo IMG_7601_zpsa4876098.jpg

we saw a Tennessee Titan fan in there... imagine that... 
 photo IMG_7606_zpsa38a9f33.jpg  photo IMG_7597_zps10566f3e.jpg

we later met up with one of Holly's coworkers and had a really great time!

 photo IMG_7658_zps0f4c76df.jpg

it was so fun to just chill and have nothing to do but day drink, talk, laugh, and enjoy the awesome weather!

tomorrow we will talk about that game...

 photo IMG_7689_zps0d7b23c4.jpg


[ Every single time I step onto an airplane I say a little prayer for the other passengers, the flight crew, and our safety. 9/11 opened our minds to such cruelty and I have never forgotten the enormous bravery of the passengers on that day. I know so many people associate today with NYC/police/fireman/soldiers, as they obviously should, but I seem to always think of the passengers and flight crew first. So as I sit here and write a traveling blog post... I am always grateful for safety and security at airports and forever changed by that day. ]

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