Friday, December 7, 2012

photo dump & friday's letters.

first of all.
I know it is December and all... but I am enjoying wearing summer clothes a little.
I pretended today was July and wore cutoff shorts, a tank, and no makeup.


Alright Friday's Letters:
Dear pancakes this morning,
you were amazing, but I really should have just had yogurt & fruit... oh well.

 Dear Christmas Tree,
I am so glad I decided to redecorate you. You light up my life (gay), but really I am in love with how beautiful you make my house!

Dear Ben,
I am so happy you are playing Sunday! I have missed you, eventhough Batch helped us beat the Ravens.

Dear College,
I sort of feel like we reconnected last weekend bc I found an old graduation card with $100 and an Express gc. I also had keg beer... forgot how good it is, it made BudLight delicious.

Photobucket Photobucket

Dear Mommy,
I love how alike we are at times! lol
(and I am glad I ended up picking the bears that weekend)


Dear Toby,
I am sorry my parents put a shock collar on you so you don't destroy the tree!
I sort of feel bad for you, except it doesn't even bother you!


Dear Weekend,
I am ready for YOUUUU!
lots of socializing planned!