Friday, February 1, 2013


before I can blog to you about the craziness of the Lady Gaga concert last night, I have to catch you up on my Dallas trip last weekend!


We went to Dallas for market, it is always a good time, but I think this trip was my favorite!
 photo IMG_2896_zps85424e31.jpg

the only thing that was awful was the weather!
It was so pretty @ home and then SO COLD in Dallas.
(yeah 52 is too cold)
 photo IMG_2892_zpsc56696b6.png

We got some really cute summer stuff!
can't wait for it to come in:
 photo IMG_2889_zps21e16ae4.jpg

market closes kind of early & I don't usually fall asleep until at least 11-11:30 (usually later)
so we had some time to kill before dinner & I went to the hotel gym, I was pretty proud.
I need to get back into running SO BAD. or I am going to fail at my 5K next month.

(don't judge... I was in a corner of the gym surronded by MIRRORS! so annoying, but pretty motivational seeing yourself trying to run lol)

 photo IMG_2890_zps48b0af71.jpg


Sunday we went to market in the am, but stayed in Dallas to go to a Maverick's game that night!
 photo IMG_2910_zps0ef48874.jpg

(our seats were even better than this. we were in the wrong section for half the game...)

such a good time & the Mavs WON!

 photo IMG_2933_zps41819e46.jpg

oh yes... we saw MARK CUBAN!
 photo IMG_2930_zps608f61db.jpg  photo IMG_2917_zpsc3782396.jpg

I sort of have a thing for Mark Cuban.
 I know, he is older than my dad...
 photo 50e37f6449dab6256397fe1352e71241_zpsb603e436.jpg  photo 88f4aaac1cf895cdea649537138a2448_zps7e84c955.jpg
 photo 9ac4423d5eab42386d89ff8915a4215c_zps2e6aaed0.jpg
 photo 9aaf1ef8427ba54c635ab5b52dfde70e_zps71c82e3e.jpg

he is almost perfect.


it was a great time in Dallas!

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