Tuesday, February 5, 2013


so last Thursday night I went to the Lady Gaga Concert!

 photo IMG_2998_zps0c9c8f80.jpg
(my heavy eye make up & squinty eyes make me look extra asian)
skirt & top: PLT!
Holly, Liana, Me, & Blair all went
(we were reppin PLT well that night too!)
 photo IMG_2999_zps9f91a471.jpg
 I LOVE them all so very much- they make fun of me and love me and it's the perfect friendship!


I asked the guys behind us to take our picture, they were the sweetest guys ever!
me: "hey can you take our picture please?!"
blonde guy: "oh yeah of course" (his bf grabs my phone and takes the pic)
blonde guy: "look at her skirt, it is so cute! and I love the pattern!"
me: "thanks!"
blonde guy: "and look we are BOTH wearing PINK! TWINSIES!"
me: "yay?!?" lol
blondie: "yall are all just so gorgeous!"
and then I wanted my picture with them...
(I know... I look so hot)
 photo IMG_2990_zps1d0b37b0.jpg
but I was really flattered!
1. bc it is always nice to know the gays think you got it together in the clothes department.
2. bc they were clothes from PLT!
 photo IMG_2983_zpsbf07437e.jpg
and then holly went to go find beer, so we had a photoshoot waiting for gaga
 photo IMG_2988_zps4f7f0557.jpg
... and then!!!
the stage was READY & we were ALL SO EXCITED
 photo IMG_2991_zps56fa8eb3.jpg
and then we were officially creeped out, weirded out, etc.
 photo IMG_2993_zpscebe12c7.jpg

we KNEW it was going to be weird and all, but we had no idea how dark is was going to be.
I can handle weird all day, but creepy, demonic stuff is not my thing though.
it was so heavy.

like tons of biblical references and it just never really got happy.
she talked about being free to be yourself and blah blah, but I felt like I was watching hell.

true story.
 photo IMG_2995_zpsd0243ccf.jpg

so we def had a good time, and we all decided we could mark that off our bucket list.
and never go back.

poor gaga, I feel like I have defended her weirdness so much.
but y'all...

she's weird.


  1. lmao I loved this post for so many reasons. Your outfit was perfect for Gaga! Gay guys are so amazing when it comes to complimenting. Straight guys need to learn from them. And the fact that you were weirded out by Gaga. That is just the icing on the cake. I think I would have been a little freaked out too.

    1. thanks! gay guys do give the BEST compliments!

      I promise you would have been scared, I thought I was ready for the crazy, nope!