Thursday, March 28, 2013

neon splash dash

 I finished my second 5K!

and by finishing... I actually ran the WHOLE thing,
more like a jog, but I'm pretty proud.

home girl used to not be able to even do 1 mile.
(but by no means am I an athlete)
 but to push myself, I like to do these "fun runs"!

 photo fae350e4-f0de-4722-b510-64b8e321cab7_zps435b2f30.jpg
Mary & I signed up for this one forever ago.
We were supposed to wear white:
 photo IMG_3566_zps618dd8a7.jpg
here we are all clean before the run:

(my shirt: Run like Channing Tatum is waiting for you at the finish line)
 photo IMG_3570_zpsec4946bf.jpg  photo IMG_3571_zpsbee3ddb2.jpg
 photo IMG_3568_zps7d9ef20c.jpg
and then...
about every half mile they just had people squirting different colored neon slime on you.
like Nickelodeon slime.
it felt so gross, but looked really cool under their black lights.
 photo IMG_3573_zps8cc8031c.jpg
 photo IMG_3586_zps26073c55.jpg
 photo IMG_3580_zps3ada3b46.jpg  photo IMG_3584_zpsd9a57a21.jpg

 and afterwards we celebrated with some beverages & tex-mex!
 photo IMG_3592_zpsc46ffa89.jpg  photo IMG_3596_zps5856d495.jpg
 photo 4fdc1e32-cfe4-4997-a637-f8e90a0d6648_zpsd3dc0f18.jpg

such a fun time, special thanks to Mary for being so inspirational in running
(y'all she runs half marathons in Austin every year)
and to her hubby Keith for driving us all around that night!
 photo IMG_3595_zpsce72f278.jpg

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  1. Hi nice blog! A question: where did you get your tanktop? Love it!