Wednesday, March 27, 2013


well it was Rodeo time in Houston!

I went twice this year  

 photo IMG_3245_zps7a4cdc02.jpg

once with my mom & her pals.

turned out to be such a dramatic night-funny stories, but for the sake of those sweet ladies-
I cannot got into detail lol

 photo IMG_3242_zpse3de8e4d.jpg
 the second time I went with a few of my friends:
 photo IMG_3421_zpsa4a361c6.jpg

We took bus & so of course we ate and drank on the way there.
I think I would like having a driver 24/7 lol
 photo IMG_3410_zps9b83ae6d.jpg

 photo IMG_3446_zpsb76c3bc8.jpg

 photo IMG_3438_zps6cff7f16.jpg

good times!

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