Sunday, October 21, 2012



I just realized I never blogged about "camp".
Such a fun time!
 I have went every.single.year. since I was probably 11 or something.
I love it. Nothing makes you feel carefree like camp.
but this is camp with bathrooms,showers, ac, etc.
I don't "rough it" by any means.
we also obviously eat really healthy:
and ask Siri mildly inappropriate questions:
*Story on that: I accidentally hit siri while a group of us were talking and it popped up with that...
I might have laughed til I cried...wth?!
We later figured out that someone said "WE NEED PEOPLE THAT...blah blah.."
not "weenie people".
omg. I am laughing about it, again! *
the rest of the pics from that weekend:
how cute are these boys?!
and how do they already know how to use a digital camera...
(I almost peed my yoga pants here... too much jumping & laughing. ah so fun!)

and what is camp without a campfire?!
and smores!