Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I don't blog anymore...

just kidding, I am still here. just really randomly. I should probably get on some sort of blog schedule. but schedules & myself usually don't work out!

so where to start?! ...

What I am Loving Wednesday:
I am loving that a couple weekends ago we went bridesmaid dress shopping & found a super cute dress! and had fun @ dinner after. 

such a fun wedding party group & we were ALL clothed in Pretty Little Things.

I am loving that I posted those pictures on Instagram & Chili's asked me to e-mail them the pictures... yep. We may be the the new face of Chili's! lol.
I am loving that Chili's has a margarita trio... bc one flavored margarita is just not enough!

I am loving that baby Gunner came to visit me a couple weeks ago... most chill baby ever.

I am loving that last week at a Tenant Meeting we got cotton candy... it's the little things.
I am really loving that our awesome friend Nicole is done with chemo & had a huge celebration this past weekend. I wasn't able to make it, but we wore our shirts and are so grateful to know her & are so happy that she has won this battle!

and as always,
I am loving these pinterest finds:


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