Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chicago: Part 2

So I went to Chicago last weekend for my cousin's wedding.
You can read about that here.
Part 2 will begin with lunch the next day
(when we finally decided to get out of bed)
You know we had to eat some pizza...
oh so good.
It takes 30-40 min to make the pizza there, so lunch turned into an hour or so and then it was game time!
The bride's family is from TEXAS (obviously) and the groom's family is from DENVER.
Funny that the Texans played the Broncos the day after the wedding.

There is a whole strip of bars by Wrigley Field,
they all have their designated team that they support.
We spent our time at the Broncos one, but I had to go by the Steelers bar of course.

Look at all the Steelers gear!
Love it.
I went after the loss.
I was so sad... ugh.

After the games, Kels and I headed to the hotel to change and get ready for dinner.

We ate at the Hancock Building on the 95th floor.
Crazy beautiful!

Our waitress was so sweet!

Chicago is so so pretty!

The next morning we headed out to meet Vannah for lunch

amd then acted like the tourists we are.

We headed to the airport later that day and grabbed a beer befor our flight.

Such a fun trip, and I am officially in love with Chicago!
Can't wait to go back some day