Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chicago: Part 1- the wedding

*lots of pictures*

(view from the hotel room, seriously beautiful!)
Well Chicago (YOLO Weekend) came and went.
way too fast, but so so fun.
I flew in at 6am Saturday and surprisingly was not very tired.
I grabbed breakfast with the 'rents and then it was wedding preparation time!!
ps. it was 47 degrees there that day.
 me & Kels (my cousin & sister of the bride)
I went to my first "blowout bar"... where you pay and they wash/style your hair.
How easy is that?!
I wish my hair was longer bc there really is not much they could do to my hair, but it was still nice to be lazy.
we headed back to the hotel and it was time to get ready:
The Wedding:
The venue was perfect.
It was at the Joffery Ballet, next door to the Chicago Theatre.
amazing views,
I loved it!

me & my mom
see the top of the Chicago sign on the bottom left?!
The Reception:
The super fun couple,
Congrats Vannah and Jason!

 All the cousins on my mom's side:

Such a fun night

The Bride!
and of course, after the party there's an after party:

So fun!

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