Tuesday, September 4, 2012

september is here

how in the world did that happen?!
it is September already...
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Hope you all enjoyed your labor day, not laboring.
I actually didn't open the boutique, so I got the day off also, but Monday is always my only day off, so it really didn't feel different at all. but I did lay out at the pool for a while!
I feel like I don't have a lot to write... but I promised I would start blogging more... so here we go!
I just have pictures, so if we are friends on facebook, or you follow me on instagram, you probably aren't interested in seeing the same pictures twice.
sorry about it.
Last week school started back for everyone
(my second year of not going back to school, ah)
I stopped by TKS to see my favorites and took Bre to Sonic after school.
College football started last weekend,
I had to make the boutique look game day ready!
UT won & UH just made me sad...
I am so ready for NFL to start!
I dogsat Jack this weekend:

We said goodbye to Isaac this weekend too...
he's off to college in FL, happy for him, but he will be missed!
The store has been busy & I love it.
We had a photo shoot the other night, so glad Alida was around to help stand in some of the pictures! We were cracking up & I learned I could never be a model, Alida yes, me never.
I was so exhausted after an hour. so sad.
The lovebugs are insane.
and my car is covered in them...
What else have I been up to?
Eating. Sleeping. & Taking pictures of myself.
I am so cool. lol
have an awesome Tuesday that feels like a Monday!
ohhhh Friday is coming sooner this week!

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