Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello Wednesday!
This week is flyyyyyying by & I leave for
early, early Saturday morning.
(emphasis on early... 6am flight?! why did I do that?!)
Anyway got lots to do before leaving, but I promised to get back into blogging!
Linking up with Jaime!
Here is what I am loving this awesome Wednesday:
-First of all, the weather! I know I am the 8745984590 person to say that today if you are anywhere close to where I am... but it is PERFECT... I never say much is perfect, but this weather is! I wish I was sitting outside so badly. I don't need anything to do. I just want to sit OUTSIDE. I love it! 
-I am loving that Monday I took my little sister to get a pedicure with me! I love her so much, she is always cracking me up!
-I am loving all the new clothes at my store!
-I love that last week I got pulled over for speeding... and got a WARNING! whoo hoo. Thank you Mr. Officer.

-I am loving these shoes I got on sale... from $80 to $19- and cute too!

-and as always, I am loving Pinterest:





  1. Early morning flights ALWAYS seem like a great idea when booking them, ALWAYS seem like an awful idea the day before and of the flight, and OFTEN are actually a great idea because you get extra hours at your destination (though a nap might be needed). Have fun.

    1. you are so right! I think I was anxious to get there when I booked lol