Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chicago Again?!

OMG... I guess I ruined the surprise of where I am traveling to...
but yes.
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I am coming back to see youuuuuuu.
(In a couple of weeks)

It was a last minute decision to go ahead and go to my cousins wedding!
I am so excited bc I thought I was going to have to miss out.

You see it is sort of pricey to travel & miss work.
luckily I had a flight voucher from last time I flew, so my flight was
F R E E !

Aaron won't be joining bc it's obviously pricey & he has to work.
He knows how much I hate to miss out though,
so me & Kels booked our flights back home together and my parents will be there too!

I sent Vannah this picture
(since I was a few days late on the RSVP)

it is a very fast trip. it was going to be 24 hours, but then I decided to get Sunday covered for me at work since & then it was cheaper to fly out Monday, so it turned into a mini, crazy-filled trip!

I have 98548745 reasons why I shouldn't go, but while I have the oppurtunity, I am going to take it! 

me and kels might have named it "YOLO Weekend!". It's okay to laugh (and judge us), but we are going to have fun!

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