Tuesday, November 6, 2012

firefly run

First of all,
Happy Election Day

I got this shirt a few years ago when someone stole my dad's credit card info & bought a whole bunch of random things, like personalized M&Ms that said "asdfghjkl" and a tshirt that says "In Betty White We Trust"...this criminal had a sense of humor, but all the stuff got shipped to the billing address. so I have this shirt now, thank you!

In way more important news...
I finished my VERY FIRST EVER 5K
Saturday night!

(I know people run 3 miles everyday, but to me this is a huge deal lol)
It was the FireFly Run, so it didn't start until 7PM.
I liked that it was at night though, except I was pretty tired by the time we even got there.
I painted my nails to match my neon shirt, I was SICKLY NERVOUS lol
for some reason I thought I would just pass out or something.
It was at Reliant Park, so that was cool we ran around the whole reliant stadium, up and down the ramps, and all that stuff. Everyone was in bright colors and had glow stuff on.
After the run:

stolen from Mary:
after the run we all went to Chipotle and ate 

anyway, I SURVIVED & I will do another one sometime.


  1. This looks like loads of fun. I ran a 5k in May for the first time in about 6 years! Well done for completing it! you should feel proud of yourself! x

    1. thank you! it is def a great feeling when you finish!