Friday, November 16, 2012


Hola Pals!
Happy Friday,
usually Fridays are more hours/more work and busy weekends.
That is very true for this weekend, but I have lots o fun planned also. can't wait!
omg. I am eating the BEST salad ever as I write this post:
It is perfect!
get it @ Raffa's  .
Let's fill in some blanks with Lauren:

1. My best quality is that I care. Like genuinely care what is going on with other people and their lives .

2. One of my less flattering qualities is that I am super messy and scatter brained. I am just an unorganized spaz from the outside. I get me & I know where everything is, but I stress out my friends and family    .

3. I'd rather be    on a beach or floating the river in the sunshine.

4. Something I have been challenged with lately is    eating healthy
: [ cleaning & keeping up with laundry.

5. I am looking forward to  I don't really have a specific event or time, just looking forward to everyday stuff & busy Christmas season at work!

6. A super random factoid about me is    my friends & I got tattoos of Texas on the bottom of our big toes. They eventually rubbed off, but I still have two little dots and every time I get a pedicure they try and rub it off!
mine is the middle foot lol

7. I want to  be happy. always! and lose like 10lbs lol
Have a great weekend!


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