Sunday, November 25, 2012

hot chocolate

So I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in less than a month!
Me, the other bridesmaids, and my mom threw a couples shower a few weekends ago.
There was a lot going on with it:
-1. There was the potential for lots of people to show up.
-2. It was mixed company.
-3. There would be lots of children.
-4. It was outside.
It was a come and go kind of party so we decided on a
Thanks pinterest.

(I personally think it looked cuter in person,
the trees had more tissue poms & banners)
Their color is horizon blue, so we sort of went with that, but threw in some burlap & champagne color.
The hot chocolate was perfect bc it gave people something to do, the kids loved it, and it is an inexpensive treat.
The girls in the wedding party & the bride:
Brittni bought us pearls for our gift & wrapped them so cute ;)
fun, fun.

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