Wednesday, November 28, 2012


What I'm loving today:
I am loving that my awesome friends came to visit me over Thanksgiving break!
Travis was in my 1st grade class, in 2nd grade he stole my favorite pencil, in middle shool we listened to Blink 182, and in high school we lived down the street from each other. And now he lives in Nashville playing the drums & touring.

Timothy and I met in 3rd grade, we went to Astroworld together all the time, in 9th grade he went to St.Thomas high school & we went to homecoming, and in college we went to UT football games. and now he lives in L.A. auditioning and getting famous.

such awesome surprises in the same day.
I am loving this amazing drink I had the other night:
 I am loving this "grown-up lunchable" from Starbucks:
and these quotes:

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