Thursday, August 21, 2014

#PLTturns2 (the party)


and we had a party!!

I am a very big believer in parties and celebrations!
even if it only means a glass of champagne on the couch, or dinner with family.
everything worth celebrating, should be celebrated.
(and almost everything is worth celebrating)

Although this was in fact a PLT Birthday Celebration,
it is more a way for me to thank my family, friends, and employees.
ps. my employees are family + friends.

Austin Bradshaw (find him on FB)
the very very best local musician. ever.


I have said it before, and I really mean it, but none of this is possible without:
1. God and his amazing grace.
2. My parents and their faith in me.
3. All my family & friends and their wonderful support. 

so I won't hit ya with a real sappy post,
just please know, my gratefulness is real for you.


always, always 
good times with those people!

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