Thursday, August 14, 2014


so I want to be very apparent and genuine when I say that my life & my store is 
not absolutely perfect.

the struggle is really real with trying to portray a genuineness through social media.

so when I say that this past week was WONDERFUL and some of the busy days every,
I mean it.

but please know that I didn't get much sleep,
I was really grouchy some days,
and didn't even wash my hair on others...



PLT turned 2 this past Monday.

and like any normal birthday celebration, I made sure it lasted a solid week.

we had sales/specials/fun events every single day


I am oh so grateful for all the girls coming in to help

So Chocolate in Kingwood was our first "treat table"
(those macaroons are real good)


Telly with Face:Provocateur came and taught a super fun and informative make up lesson.

small pic on the right, but I am really loving our "flower crown" in the dressing room.
Blair always makes my design dreams come true.


we started our Kid's Line this past week.
So many cute kids from 3-14 came shopping for "kid cut" styles.


 I love that PLT's bday gets celebrated like it is my birthday lol
 yay for flowers


In the midst of all the Birthday/Tax Free fun,
Gabby & Paige had their last day working for me.
They are headed off to college.
such a bittersweet thing: I will miss them, but they have so much fun ahead.


Stacey with Stacey's Sweets was in the store Saturday/Sunday 
with the amazing "cookie balls". It is like half cookie dough/half cookie and insanely addicting. 


"last day" selfies have become a  tradition:

 this year      //      last year


my sweet girls (that are my current employees) surprised me with this adorable print.
what a fun birthday gift for the store! love it


I am SO SO SO grateful. 

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