Monday, November 10, 2014


Monday Randoms:

-I got bit by chiggers last week.
and before you think I am just really gross,
chiggers don't in fact bury themselves into your skin.
it is poison...and it itches like no other.

however, I am now doing better... lol


-This is apparently what high school girls look like in 2014.
I surely didn't look like a model in my senior pics,
 but Chelsea looks so good & represented PLT so gorgeously. love these pics.


-Here is how to not look like a model in said Senior pics:

KBagel in all its deliciousness 

found out it is 1.3 miles from my apartment, so that makes the bagel not seem as bad,
Saturday morning before work, we walked to get bagels, it was lovely.


-Saturday night Randy celebrated getting old

and I just took the role of a peeping tom I guess...


-Speaking of successful lawyers,

this girl PASSED THE BAR!!!!

we are all SO proud of her and all the hard work she has put in,
all of her success is more than well deserved. 


look what tomorrow is...

have a good week everyone! 

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