Monday, December 1, 2014

goodbye november.

let me just take a minute to be really cliche and say
November flew by reeeeeeally fast.


Happy December!

I had a busy last few weeks with work & fun:


-got to see this pretty girl in College Station


Preston got we decided to act younger lol 


PLT participated in a blanket drive & we got in the Christmas spirit


I tried out the new place 
Michael's Coffee & Wine Bar in Fall Creek,
it is adorable in there, pretty small though, so don't take your loud friends lol


I finally got to see my little sister,
every time I am off work, she is in school...
responsibilities lol 


I got some of my Christmas decor up.
yeah, I am going to add some more to my tree, it is a little bare.

this picture of Ginger, just because she is perfect!! 


Thanksgiving came and went!

we ran the Turkey Trot that morning & it was a nice way to start the day!

and before you think I am trying to be all "fit"... I think the run made me actually eat MORE haha

(oh heyyyy, I finally got see J... #retaillife)


work has been nuts!

which I happen to LOVE, except for the fact that it makes me a little nuts 

we had a record breaking day on Black Friday!

I couldn't have done it without my mom's help though.
I love that she doesn't mind helping, and she will run and get ice, steam, take out trash...
whatever is needed. I appreciate that, bc it takes all that to make it look pretty and effortless.
some people think they are "too good" for the dirty work,
but that work is really the only thing that keeps it all running.


and of course my girls :)

Small Business Saturday was also wonderful!
love this community and my sweet friends


Brittiny and Brittney had back to back birthday celebrations this past weekend

always a great time with these people.
I never try to take it for granted how lucky I am to have
such life long friends. 


and now it is December!!

cheers to all the crazy, all the shopping, 
but most of all remember the reason for the season 
and try to not let all that "other stuff" shadow that.

I am so guilty of getting "busy" and forgetting the true blessing of 
family, friends, and all the relationships we have.

be nice to all the grinches and people with road rage also!

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