Friday, December 5, 2014

christmas cheer.

I got in the Christmas spirit this week!
I think the anticipation for the holidays is often a lot more fun than the actual day,
which is okay.


We went to Santa's Wonderland in College Station Tuesday.
it was cool, but not freezing, which was really nice!

it is so cute there and they have done a really good job with it.
It is something you could have fun doing every other year or so.
and the hot chocolate was great lol 

J is so handsome :) 


last night I hosted our 
3rd Annual Wine Swap!

It is one of my favorite friend activities we do.
I think because:

1. it is so Christmasy
2. we swap wine, so that is winning.
3. I get to have people over 
(I love to entertain, my mother taught me right!)
4. we are all in the same room together & it is 
sometimes rare that we all can do that as often
5. also, good food lol 

so I went a little "pinteresty" on the food table:

I had the wine on the bar, we had all wines made in Texas!

I wrote what everything was on the table, and what wines pair best with them.

(of course, we all just drank/ate whatever haha, but it looked pretty)

I cheated on the sangria:
1 Bottle of Mesina Hof Sangria Wine
1 can of Sparkling Lime Water
Frozen Cranberries (for looks lol)
Cut Up Pears and Apples 
(left over from what wasn't for eating with the cheeses) 

why did I sorority girl pose so hard? lol

the "ellen selfie" happened and ended up making my chin look like Jay Leno,
don't mind that lol 


so we played a few games and then did the "wine swap"
basically like an ornament exchange, except you really like what you get haha

I feel really blessed because I don't know what it feels like to not have a 
honest, supportive, caring, ridiculous 
group of friends.

seriously, within the last couple of years we have seen so much together and went through it all together! the good and the not so good.

and here we all are,
somehow still standing,
and still loving each other. 

and I won't apologize for the cheesy post lol

Merry Christmas month!!

do something festive this weekend.

(even if it is just watching Elf on the couch, with a large pizza)

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