Friday, December 12, 2014

weird things happen to me.

the strangest things happen to me...

so I don't know how to even know how to preface this story.

all I wanted was my house 
not like a precious feather duster clean...
like things I don't think about,

the oven/stove/behind the washer/etc.
I have lived here 2 years,
and I will be perfectly honest in saying I have not cleaned under the stove.
at all.
not once.


so of course I think it is a little strange to pay someone to do something,
that I obviously can,
but sometimes it is worth it!

so I find a lady.
she seems legit.

we text a few times,
she shows up,
calls her husband to tell him she made it last Friday.
(said they check in with each other when it is a new place, smart!)

well I got ready for work,
she went and got some supplies and came back,
and I was so excited to get home that afternoon to a spotless apartment!!

except I did not...

this is what my kitchen looked like,
as of 5:30pm

literally got home to all her supplies at the front door,
they money still sitting there (that I left to pay her),
stove open,
microwave open,
clothes in the middle of a washing cycle
(with the lid open).


she literally disappeared. 
no trace.
and no acknowledgment that she was 
1.done cleaning
2. was coming back.


I, of course, called her.
no answer.

so I locked up my apartment and headed to the gym.

called her a couple hours later.
no answer.

and now I am beginning to think something earth shattering happened.
death/house burning down/emergency with family/etc.

and then,
11 hours after I met her,
I get this text:

now, I will be the first to say that if my pet was hit by a car it would be a 

no text,
no call,
it was just super strange.

It is weird enough to let a stranger in your house.

but then when they straight up disappear of the face of the earth, it adds a new dimension.



so yeah, 
the cat lives.
my house got put back together,
it ends well!

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