Friday, January 11, 2013


dear blog readers,
you should read this ASAP (the most amazing proposal story in all the world!)

I cried. a deep, deep happy cry.
(yes, for complete strangers)
 ah! so special!
and props to that guy for thinking of every.single.little. detail!
and for including all her favorite people, but not making it a "show".
some people just got it. and that he does.
dear coffee,
I refuse to become addicted to you.
better than being an alcoholic, I guess, but I still hate dependency.

I can't decide if I really like you or I just look forward to using my Keurig
but it has been a couple days without you & I am fine!


ps. I don't still have my tree up, this pic is a couple weeks old.
 dear holly,
are we really going wedding dress shopping for YOU tomorrow?! omg. I feel like this is something we talked about in middle school & now it is here! can't wait!
dear birthday party,
I still need to blog about youuuuuu!

dear weather,
you have been perfect, but I hear next week is going to suck again : [
dear football,
you are getting so intense & I know you are coming to an end...
hope all the games turn out how I want!!
hope everyone has a great weekend!

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