Wednesday, January 23, 2013


(warning: longest post of all time)
so yesterday...
the weather was so awesome and I had energy (or had just had a coffee) and I  decided to run by HEB to get some snacks for PLT before work
...and that is the moment my day started...
this old Santa looking man was in front of me in line @ HEB.
I wanted to make fun of his super tight shorts pulled up to his belly button & his red suspenders... but to each their own.
but then he decided to go have a 10 min discussion about the
tartar sauce
being expired.
that grosses me out in more than one way.
I wanted to be irritated, but I realized I had 15 items in a 10 item or less line.
and that is rude!
so I just let the man figure out his tartar sauce situation and I hurried up and left.
I was running late and so I sped to work with the windows down & the music up and I was so happy for that 2 min.
then I pulled right into work & Mr. officer pulled in RIGHT behind me...
 photo IMG_2820_zps068fbdf5.jpg
I was opening my door and had my keys in my hand and was ready to open up @ PLT.
he was acting like this was such a serious offense. he blocked up the driveway, had his lighs on, & his door wide open.
Mr. officer: "Hey, I pulled you over bc you were speeding... I need to see your license and copy of your insurance"
me: "here you go sir"...(except I don't have an insurance card on me for some reason. oh yeah and my registration is EXPIRED. I already knew how this was going to end, so I just decide to make the most of it.)
me: "Hey, I own this store. Do you think you could pull in and turn off your lights so it doesn't look like something bad is happening here"
Mr. officer: (blank stare) "okay, but stay in the car"
he moved his car, but was still dramatically blocking me in, which is probably policy.
he ends up taking a while to do whatever on his little computer, by this time it is 11am and my store should be OPEN.
me: "hey can I go unlock?"
Mr. officer "uh. sure. but come right back out!"
okay yeah, bc I am going to escape...
me: "okay thanks!"
and then I unload the groceries, and all the boxes of clothes and stuff I had just gotten in... almost asked for his help. but I decided that might be pushing it.
a few minutes later he was sweet enough to present me with
goodness. I am so dumb.
Mr. officer: "here ya go, I have you for speeding, no proof of insurance, and expired registration. be careful out there and get that taken care of"
me: "I will. ... I would say thanks, but that's unnecessary. Hope your morning is better than mine"
Mr. officer: "hey, you aren't the first and you won't be the last"
you are probably wondering what in the heck got into me to just be so nonchalant and sarcastic toward Mr. officer... and I really don't know either. I think I just knew my fate & decided to just go with it. I was polite, but I think he was weirded out that I didn't cry and freak out. stupid girls.
but I'm not going to lie... as soon as he pulled off I had a 5 sec moment of like
"ohhhhh no, poor little Nikole"
but I got over that when I realized I was speeding & it isn't the end of the world.
slightly embarrassing though.
ALL my neighbors saw.
such the proffessional.
by the way, remember last Tuesday?????
 photo IMG_2768_zpsaae57a8c.jpg
but you better believe I was goin the speed limit this morning heading to work!!!
 photo IMG_2826_zps0fbc7317.jpg
moral of the story:
-don't speed.
-take care of your stuff.
-don't make fun of the tartar sauce guy, we all have our issues.
-karma will come for you if you take more items than are permitted in the fast check out line.
-don't be a girl & cry when cops pull you over-don't be defeated.

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