Thursday, March 27, 2014

before i die________

this wonderful wall was inspired by Chandy Chang's TED Talk.
You can watch the 6min video here.

basically she took old abandoned spaces in New Orleans and turned them into inspiring places where people can come together in the crazy of life & have some commonality. people have taken her ideas all over the world & I found this wall in Houston.

She discusses that  time and relationships are the two most very important things in life, 
and I think she is absolutely correct.

It really is all about maintaining perspective, which gets harder and harder the more caught up we get in the day to day of life. 


What did I add?

well, I could have said:
-be in love forever
-have amazing children
-travel the world
-work really hard & see success

and those are all great answers... but they could also all not happen.
and would I have not had a fulfilling life if they don't?!

so I simply added
to someones 
someone else wrote "live passionately"- which was one of my favorites!

bc at the end of my life if all those things on my "check list" don't happen,
it really won't matter as long as I lived happily & passionately! 

but life is a whole lot of fun too, and some of my favorite answers were:

-"live in a house with a secret passage way"
-"go to a Super Bowl"
-"see U2 in Dublin"
-"go to a fashion show in Milan"
-"enjoy the little things"

 "thinking about death, clarifies your life" -Candy Chang


Some exciting news is that the little piece on yours truly was printed in District Magazine! 

this was the idea behind my little blog series, Who is She?!

and I do have to say tomorrow's is really great :)


go live a little!

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