Friday, March 21, 2014

who is she?! pt. 6

Happy Friiiiiiday!


This Friday I introduce the wonderful, Blair!
(aka Blur, Baylor Blair, or Blairian Foster)

I met Blair in 2nd grade at Girl Scouts. and we have remained close pals alllll this time.
She is a Baylor Alum and works as an Interior Designer at Laura U Interior Design.

 this is her, last week, at the grand opening of their new space:
(yes, that is her super cute work desk!!)

What is she wearing? 
To work: nude flats, skinny black pants, a slightly embellished top, Baylor ring, pearl clip ons
Casual: flats, relaxed, colored shorts, v neck tee, cardigan, sunnies 

What is she listening to?
Bastille, Ingrid Michaelson, Drake, Lana del Ray 

Where is she going?
Pittsburgh for a friend's wedding this summer and High Point, NC for market in the fall 

What is she reading?
Chelsea Handler's new book, Uganda be Kidding Me (as soon as I get to Barnes and Noble) and Domino, Elle Decor, and House Beautiful magazines 

What is she working on?
writing a ton of furniture and fabric orders for a project at work; framing a stack of art that's been building on my dresser for at least a year

Who is she with?
 friends and family as often as I can be

(blair with her family//niece Penelope) 

What is she afraid of?
all the bugs I know are coming with the rising temperatures 

What is she hoping for?
 (futilely) a mild summer; also to purchase a beautiful MacBook soon because my poor laptop is on the fritz, for real 

What is her favorite part of the day?
in the morning after my shower, sitting in a towel on my bed and taking a moment to slow down to pray and think about my day ahead; close second: going to sleep! 

What is she eating?
 a petronella panini from Paulie's 

What is she drinking?
crystal light raspberry lemonade

What is she loving?
My new desk succulent ,
seeing the azaleas starting to bloom; seeing my niece, Penelope grow and discover new things, a color scheme using pale pink, olive green, rose gold, cream, and black/brown/bronze 
These lucite desk accessories from Anthropologie:

What is her favorite quote?

and her personal favorite...
 "Hide and watch me" - Debbie Foster 


Thanks Blur! :) 

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