Wednesday, March 12, 2014

workin' girl.

 PLT has been doing lovely lately.
(I will be glad to never see another snow/ice/rain/cold day though!! not good for business lol)

I feel like I haven't talked about "her" in a while,
so here is a little update:

-We are networking with a local senior photographer, DigiSmiles.

We had a photo shoot in December & are getting the final touches done on our "look book".
pretty exciting and it was nice to use all the sweet girls from the area.

-I will be featured in District magazine next month.

-We had a fun event at Arturo's Hair Salon.

you know, just twinning @ work. 

-We styled a "fashion show" for NCL.

-and of course went to MAGIC Market in Vegas

-and last Friday, I spoke at CHS Career Day.
they had quite a few of us alumni. I really, really loved it!

I always wanted to be a teacher, so it was the perfect mix for me, teaching them about PLT.

-and then there is this daunting task ahead of me:

I feel like I do a ton of inventory & it never goes down, but new clothes are always exciting!!


Have a great day,
enjoy this weather,
work real hard while you have to
& have a lot of fun when you don't! 

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