Thursday, March 6, 2014

get happy.

often times I get caught up in the "big things", the next goal or whatever it is I am looking forward to.  We think the "big things" in life are really what makes our life, 

but I think actually it might be all the tiny little things that give us the most happiness. 

 I have been really trying to focus on the day to day, and not so much the "big picture", 
or my next big life event.

so here are the little things (as of lately) that have made my heart happy:

-nothing like an unhealthy salad and an iced tea on the patio in 70 degree 
weather- with a lovely friend & good conversation


-dinner with these fun pals


-those Rockets though... 
so proud!


-smores on the patio with my fav girls
(yes, I like patios, friends and food. lots)


-cliches that are real funny & true:

*funny thing is I have had all of those coffees & I tend to order those certain drinks when I am feeling that way. ha.


Troy Polamalu and Heath Miller are still Steelers :)

*say that 3 times fast.


solid quote

Happy Thursday!

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