Thursday, April 18, 2013


Throwback Thursday is not something I really participate in.
who really wants to see older pictures of your nerdy self?
not this girl!
but sometimes they are SO necessary.


Last week I went to the Aeros hockey game, lots of fun actually.
but isn't anything if you have good company?!

 photo IMG_3837_zps692478ac.jpg
 photo IMG_3844_zps38f95d59.jpg  photo IMG_3834_zpsd07cde45.jpg

but it made me and holly reminisce about the last hockey game we went to... in 8th grade!

(8th graders on the right side / old 24 year olds on the left)

 photo IMG_3849_zpsc088762b.jpg
yeah... Holly has French braid pigtails and braces, while I was rocking a wind suit jacket and antenna bangs... what can I say, we have always been cool kids. lol

good times.
 photo IMG_3831_zpsa9ee4373.jpg

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