Tuesday, April 9, 2013

weekend pt.1

I had such a great weekend.
I got to hang out and talk to so many people that I don't get to see ever.
I loved it.


Friday Night I met Mary & Amanda at The Tasting Room.

 photo IMG_3750_zps3c727f21.jpg

back story is I have known Mary and Amanda since about 4th grade.
We grew up together and have such a unique relationship bc of it.

We have been there through so many sad endings and happy beginnings of life, and they really mean the world to me.  It isn't often that you can be with people and just be 100% yourself- with these girls we are just that.

I am so thankful for their friendship over the years,
we def go long spurts without talking, but when we pick back up, it is like no time has passed at all.

this is sadly the best pic I could get of us... for some reason I thought it was cute that night. ha!
 photo IMG_3751_zps1914ded5.jpg


Saturday morning I ran a 5k.

(I know what you're thinking, it really isn't blog worthy anymore)

This one was really small and just in the neighborhood. I heard about it Friday at work and just signed up! My mom joined me too, so proud of her!
 photo IMG_3755_zps6ac6e325.jpg

so it ended up just being the most emotional 5k ever though...
after I finished I was waiting and drinking some water and this mom and her handicapped daughter crossed the finish line. she had pushed her the whole time in a  wheelchair.

If you have ever been to a race, you understand there is already an awesome vibe, but this time it was just magnified. to add to it, the little 5yr old was right behind them...
too much sweetness for me.

I just stood there and cried and felt grateful for what I do have.
Thank goodness I had on my sunglasses.
 photo IMG_3759_zps0c6a1899.jpg  photo IMG_3762_zps3fd69c05.jpg
 and no, I am not signed up for another race.
find one and I will join you though!

Saturday night I watched some college basketball.

#1 I like almost any sport
#2 I randomly made a bracket this year and had Michigan as my national champ and they played in the final four & won Saturday night.

(that story doesn't have a happy ending)


Sunday I got up and went to early service.
it hurt to get up so early, but well worth it!

Then I got in the car solo and headed to Waco to meet Jenna and head out
to the Colton Dixon/Third Day Concert.

 I had some healthy road trip food and saw so many bluebonnets on my way there.
 photo IMG_3769_zpsd1f02441.jpg
 photo IMG_3774_zps8e358b68.jpg

the concert obviously gets its very own post, more on that tomorrow!


about that college basketball game... yeah if Michigan would have won last night I would be $1,000 richer. insane huh? my first bracket and I was teased like that lol

oh well!


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