Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the little things

life isn't easy.

I often get so overwhelmed and forget that there are people going through so much more than I could ever comprehend.

My heart has been so heavy lately.
All the sadness and hurt in the world sometimes just catches up to me.

I had a girl call the boutique the other day to ask about a dress.
It was for her mom's memorial service.

I didn't have one single complaint for the rest of the day.
My heart aches for her and her sweet dad who came in and picked it up for her.

that being said, I HAVE to find the silver lining in Everyday.

I HAVE to find the little things to enjoy, there is more good than bad in the world.

I can't focus on all the wrong.


Some little things that have made me smile lately:

Vanessa got me this cute phone case, awesome reminder!
 photo IMG_3714_zps0dce8855.jpg

PLT had our first Private Shopping Party.
Fun time with shopping, wine, and cupcakes.
sometimes it blows my mind that this is my job.
 photo IMG_3553_zpsb92281f7.jpg

Alida & Buffy came and visited : ]
 sweet puppy smiles
 photo IMG_3552_zps9ae1fff4.jpg

I am obsessed with Iced Black Teas @ Starbucks,
oh and Target of course.
 photo IMG_3547_zpse87c59cf.jpg

I pass these flowers on my morning walks, love them.
 photo IMG_3497_zpsc36299af.jpg
Sushi & Sake makes almost everything better,
or at least the good company.
 photo IMG_3491_zps4f62670e.jpg
Ginger has my whole heart.
I love her and I love my daily devotional book.
 photo IMG_3401_zpsf2915d43.jpg
 Kings Harbor is beautiful.
 photo IMG_3710_zpsd1b074a9.jpg

Fresh Mani/Pedis are awesome.
 photo IMG_3713_zps728be114.jpg

 photo IMG_3272_zps6ad69607.jpg

Have an awesome day, regardless of your circumstances!