Wednesday, April 10, 2013

blessed (weekend pt. 2)

 (longish post)

I feel really blessed, really often.
I know everything isn't perfect, I whine, I get unhappy, I get caught up in dumb stuff- 
 just like everyone else.
but sometimes I sit and all I can do is feel really blessed.
I had many of those moments this past weekend.
I wrote about some here .
but those moments are so much more magnified when you are happy for someone else.
best feeling ever.
So I watch American Idol randomly, not an avid watcher, but I watched Season 11 bc I loved Colton Dixon. Def my musical style & he happens to love Jesus,
always a plus in a musician.

So I was so sad when he wasn't on the show anymore, but I knew he had so much success ahead.

when I heard about his album coming out, A Messenger , I was super excited & ran to get it.

to add to it, I found out a little later that my childhood friend, David was playing lead guitar for him on his tour with Third Day.

what?! how exciting, huh?

I asked David when they were coming to Texas bc I knew I had to be there.

Sunday night was the show, I almost didn't get to go.
I asked like 4 different people to join me and there was always something in the way of them getting to come (yay for being grownups).

I got a text Saturday night from my good friend Jenna, saying she was going to see
Third Day with a friend.

Needless to say I bought the tickets and drove the 4 hours solo to join them!


 photo IMG_3790_zps43c77afb.jpg
(I got the creepy eye thing down!)
So the show was AWESOME!
of course.
I don't think the set list was near long enough though! lol
and then I got to see David!!
seriously I grew up with this guy and then he moved off to Nash to pursue his dreams and life took us other places, but I am SO thankful that when/if I do see him, it is still so familiar and he is such an awesome guy.
(I'll save him the embarrassment of showing y'all some real old pictures of us with bangs &
 photo IMG_3793_zps1996fc3c.jpg
and he was so awesome to let us meet the band and Colton!
I was trying not to act like a 14 year old girl at times.
bc I was pretty excited and they were all just so so nice.
 photo IMG_3789_zps54e0a3a5.jpg
*props to Schyler for a nice photobomb
and then we headed out to catch the end of the Third Day show.
and that's when I had that overwhelming blessed feeling.
There we were in a room full of people so happy to be there, listening to awesome music, and with amazing people.
 photo IMG_3788_zps4e68d11f.jpg
It is so great when people turn their passion into their purpose.
I am not proud of David bc he plays for Colton, I am proud of David bc he took his passion and turned it into his purpose and THAT is why he is successful.

It was a moment we had talked about for so many years & there we were, living it!

 photo IMG_3783_zps2dee4dc2.jpg
Seriously such a good time!
I ended up driving back to H-town that very same day and so I grabbed some coffee @ Jenna's and was on the road again!
 photo IMG_3792_zps8403b465.jpg
thanks Jenna for letting me get ready, tag along, and steal your coffee!
It is always awesome to hang out with you!! (and Katie is way cool)

Def a successful night, if you are anywhere the Miracle Tour is headed, check them out.
Josh Wilson, Colton Dixon, & Third Day.
 photo IMG_3811_zpsae74e0de.jpg
(I know y'all see some Pittsburgh Steeler action there)


  1. Damn, Nikoma! You are doing exactly what you need to be doing! You deserve every blessing in your life.

    1. thanks Selena! I sure am trying & that means A LOT!