Thursday, April 4, 2013

running the streets of crosby

I jogged another 5k.
I may or may not love them.
I would do one every weekend if they were free
(some are, but not the real fun ones)

 photo IMG_3658_zps24817b64.jpg

I didn't mean to run two in two weeks, but this one was for an awesome cause:
"...Cody Stephens Go Big or Go Home Memorial Foundation, which was established to fund educational and health screening scholarships in honor and loving memory of Cody Stephens. Cody was a high school senior and athlete who passed away last year before graduation of an undetected heart condition. A condition that could have been detected by a simple heart screen. His family is working tirelessly to make these life-saving heart screenings mandatory in school districts across Texas. Help us support their efforts and help us to carry on Cody's legacy: GO BIG OR GO HOME! "
I went to high school with Cody's big brother & big sister.
It is awesome the legacy they are allowing Cody to leave and the lives they are reaching.
 photo IMG_3657_zps8292a5e4.jpg  photo IMG_3668_zpsa07a8b46.jpg
 photo IMG_3662_zps084708c7.jpg  photo IMG_3664_zps0895176c.jpg
 photo IMG_3659_zps2b4ea383.png  photo IMG_3667_zps063994fe.jpg
I was most proud of this run because:
1. It was at 8am and I have never done a morning run.
2. I jogged it all alone.
3. That being said, my mom was there and finished it too!
4. It was for a cause that was personal.
 photo IMG_3669_zpsc8809998.jpg
as of now I don't have another run scheduled, I should start looking before summer gets here & it is too hot.

ps. I haven't even run a mile since then...



  1. get it, girl! i want to run a 5k... one of these days ;)

    1. AFTER the baby! You can be one of those super cool moms running it AND pushing a stroller : ]