Wednesday, April 24, 2013

when you give a guy a camera

girls, we are ALL guilty of it, "hey take our picture". uh. I already know how annoying we sound, but I am so bad about doing the same thing.

luckily my best friend has a solid fiancĂ© that loves to take pictures & thanks to him I have a camera full of wonderful pictures of myself & my friends. (which is why this blog is possible, I can't just not use these priceless pictures)

want to see some of his work?!

"Hey Trevor can you take a picture of us, ya know, casually just at the table with friends?"

 photo IMG_2611_zps94c39cce.jpg

"No, like US actually in the picture, not you."
 photo IMG_2612_zps3f503918.jpg

"okay, maybe wait until we are looking..."

and this is the one we get:
 photo IMG_2615_zps18457882.jpg

 "Hey Trevor, since we are at the hockey game it would be cool if you took a picture of me and Holly by the ice. so cute, right?!"

"okay, but wait until we are ready...."
 photo IMG_3839_zpsd4f07739.jpg  photo IMG_3840_zpsec781e16.jpg

"okay still not really ready yet."
 photo IMG_3841_zps94f05a02.jpg
 photo IMG_3842_zps6df36898.jpg

"now that is just a picture of Joe, we need US in it."
 photo IMG_3843_zpsda531c5a.jpg

"alright let me just stop talking for 5 seconds to capture this moment."

nailed it:
(10 min and 25 pictures later)
 photo IMG_3844_zps38f95d59.jpg


"oh it is Liana's one and only 24th birthday, let's get a picture of us celebrating!"

"no. like looking semi decent would be awesome..."
 photo IMG_3882_zps6dd020de.jpg  photo IMG_3884_zps83fd428a.jpg

"it's okay, let's just get a group picture of all the girls"

"and maybe that random dancing fool..."
 photo IMG_3901_zps7c2fd968.jpg

got it!

(I think Randy might have helped with the camera in this photo shoot. mad props guys.)


Sadly, Mr. Mitchell is just as good in front of the camera as he is behind it and so he will probably continue to take wonderful pictures of our lives and even have some of himself to share.

 photo IMG_1947_zps35b3ccd1.jpg  photo IMG_1948-1_zps9822f11a.jpg
(I think he is giving me pointers on how to hold the camera...thanks for the advice.)

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